Holistic Healing & Natural Healing | What Are Bach Flowers?

The Bach flower essences are derived from certain flowers that can relieve physical pain, mental and spiritual, without toxic or side effects. Bach Flower Remedies are flower essences used in floral therapy, a discipline that allows certain emotional states and mental to deal with the help of flowers.

Bach Flowers are classified under seven categories. Each category contains a number of flower names that are associated with various physical behavior, psychological, spiritual or mental.

What Are The Categories?

Dr. Edward Bach discovered thirty-eight natural remedies corresponding to thirty-eight negative moods in humans. For him, these statements are both leading causes of illness and barriers to recovery of health. Categories are states of mind that can be corrected by flower extracts. The categories are also identified as “groups”.

  1. Fear
  2. Uncertainty & Doubt
  3. Lack Of interest To The Present
  4. Solitude
  5. Hypersensitivity to & the Influences of Ideas Of Others
  6. Beaten & Despair
  7. Excessive Concern of Others

What Are the 38 Flowers?

For Those Who Fear

  • Rock Rose (Terror & Panic)
  • Mimulus (Fear of everything bad that can happen )
  • Cherry Plum (Fear of losing reason, control)
  • Aspen (For those with fears that can’t be named)
  • Red Chestnut (For those who can not help but worry)

For Those Who Suffer From Uncertainty

  • Cerato (For those who do not have enough self-confidence)
  • Scleranthus (For those not being able to decide)
  • Gentian (For those who are easily discouraged)
  • Gorse (In cases of great despair)
  • Hornbeam (For those who do not feel strong enough mentally or physically)
  • Wild Oat (For the ambitious)

For Those Who Don’t Live In The Present

  • Clematis (For dreamers, those that are always asleep)
  • Honeysuckle (For those living in the past)
  • Wild Rose (For those who resign themselves to anything that may happen to them)
  • Olive (For those who have suffered physically & morally)
  • White Chestnut (For those who can not help thinking)
  • Mustard (For those who are prone to excess melancholy)
  • Chestnut Bud (For those who do not take advantage of past experiences)


  • Water Violet (For those who like to be alone)
  • Impatiens (For the impatient)
  • Heather (For those who always want to be in a person’s company)

Hypersensitivity & Influences By Others’ Ideas

  • Agrimony (For those who while they are sad)
  • Century (For those who are anxious to be of service)
  • Walnut (For those who have definite ideas)
  • Holly (For those who are sometimes attacked by thoughts)

Beaten & Despair

  • Larch (For those who consider themselves worse than others)
  • Pine (For those who criticize)
  • Elm (For those who experience periods of depression)
  • Sweet Chestnut (For when the anxiety becomes so much that it seems unbearable)
  • Star of Bethlehem (For those in great distress)
  • Willow (For those who suffered adversity or misfortune)
  • Oak (For those struggling & fighting a hard battle)
  • Crab Apple (Purification)

Excessive Worry For The Wellness Of Others

  • Chicory (For those who are very attentive to the needs of others)
  • Vervain (For those who have principles and set ideas)
  • Vine (For those who are sure of themselves)
  • Beech (For those who feel the need to see more good and beauty)
  • Rock Water (For those who are strict with themselves)
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